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“Extremely Friendly & Professional”

As a Walnut Creek House Cleaning agency, we work hard to provide high quality housekeeping and maid services. We work in the general Eastbay area with a focus on customer service. Walnut Creek House Cleaning Most of all, we love getting great feedback on our services. Check out what Emily of Walnut Creek, California had […]

“I couldn’t be more impressed!”

As a Walnut Creek Maid Service, we work to provide top-notch maid services. As an agency, we have teams of maids and house cleaning professionals all of whom are more than happy to work in Walnut Creek! We work hard to provide the best service for our clients and meet their individual needs. Check out what a client […]

When English is your Housekeepers Second Language

Over the years, it has been our pleasure to represent housekeepers from nearly 20 different countries. Often times, they have been well-educated: doctors, lawyers, bank administrators, teachers, and so forth. However, their English speaking skills were not good enough to pursue their former careers. Without exception, we have found them to be conscientious, dedicated, and […]